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ISHI Spa has launched its new range Spa, a new concept and exceptional, ideal for you to perform all types of care, more specific to more sophisticated!




ISHI GHES space, an ideal place to relax ...


The central element is a thermal steam bed that allows you to combine all the benefits of cromothérapie, the aromatherapy, and the hammam! Its integrated shower and mattresses, perfect for massages, can make all types of care. It combines seaweed, sea salt, essential oils, care chocolate, wine, limestone soil and plant extracts ... a real treat for your customers.
The cab was consisting of :
• Get thermal (LIT STEAM)

• 2 angular furniture (1 with a washbasin)

• 6 wood panels

• Starry sky

• Stool

• 3 rounds Shelves

• 2 shelves with 3 shelves
• Shirodara.

The exaltation with Cab ISHI SPA

The cabin consists of the following :

• Reads thermal (LIT STEAM) hydraulic connections, spots of light

chromo 7 cycles, aromatherapy, water spray, treatment mats for water, shower included

• Starry sky, composed of 2 constellations, remote control, 4 programs, 16 different gradations of color, 4 selections brightness

• Chariot in Okuma, with 3 shelves,

• Stool OKUMA

• Shelves in OKUMA

• Shirodara in OKUMA for ayurvedic care, basic beechwood, Headrest, earthenware bowl and cover cuivre. The optimum luxury for your customers.

Information : Beauty Concepts SARL,

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